My review for on my reread of My soul to Take by Rachel vincent

I loved this book the first time i read it and I have to say I enjoyed it even more the second time. The story pulls you in immediately with the dynamics between Kaylee and her best friend Emma.The rivalry between Sophie and kaylee. There is obvious hate and discord in their relationship and it stems from both sides. Kaylee thinks Sophie is shallow and self centered. And Sophie thinks Kaylee is just plain nuts. Not only that but it quickly gets to the issues that Kaylee is personally dealing with. her lack of confidence in herself and her beauty to catch the eye of one of the most popular boys in school Nash makes her even more real to readers. She is very down to earth and easy for a reader to relate to her. Her immediate fear of anyone thinking she is nuts or crazy for the screaming bought is intriguing. Also very easy to understand in our society uncontrollable screaming would defiantly raise some doubts about ones sanity.  Her unwillingness to at first accept what Nash is telling her about being a bean sidhe. However once she comes to the realization that what she says is true this book quickly takes you deep into the heart of the underworld. Complete with Nash’s brother Todd the reaper who is one of my favorite characters. I am so glad Rachel included him in the series. The inner struggle Kaylee has both with her not being human and with the rules of being a bean Sidhe is a real look at how one might struggle with things such as this. Not that we as humans need to do that but we all know we have our own inner struggles at one time or another. With the introduction of Tod into the story things start to pick up for Kaylee. She is not only introduced to her own no human life but also to the reapers life. mean while her feelings and attraction to Nash continue to escalate too. When Kaylee confronts her aunt and uncle about her being a bean sidhe brings Kaylee a bit of comfort as some more of her questions are answered but also it opens up some new questions. Questions that only her father can answer for her. At this point you also get to see Kaylees aunt Val start to show some actually human sides to herself. She lets her guard down (yes with the help of some and shows that she truly does care for not only Sophie but also Kaylee. Nash and Kaylee quickly start to suspect that there is a rouge reaper running round town stealing souls. Kaylee soon discovers that reapers and Bean sidhe’s are not the only underworld creatures out there. This would be terrifying to anyone. Kayle launches herself head first into her first very dangerous very scary underworld adventure.

The dynamics and ongoing banter and struggle between Nash and his brother Tod add to every part they are in together. especially since Neither Tod nor Nash have shared the fact that they are brother. When Kaylee’s father Aiden arrives he has a lot of concerns and questions for Kaylee. As he should he is her father but she feels with the strain that his absence has put on there relationship that he shouldn’t. well not that he shouldn’t but i guess she see’s it more as an intrusion. or at least thats what i took from that part of the book. Kaylee and nash found out that the reaper harvesting souls who should not be dying yet is a woman when they saved kaylee’s best friend Emma from death. I like how even in this nash and Kaylee seem to work as a team. they are still very new to each other yet they seem to fit together like two puzzle pieces. Aiden has some fatherly doubts about nash yet he still seems to trust his daughters judgments on him. Then he is her father and what kind of dad would he be if he just wholeheartedly liked the guy right off the bat. Most fathers need proof that the boy or guy is good enough for their daughter. Kaylee finally ask’s her dad the big question. why when she over heard her aunt and uncles conversation did her aunt say Kaylee was living on borrowed time? So kaylee gets the shocker of her life. she has died once already.


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