Birds of Prey review

Hey all. Okay so I just finished up with a book called Birds of Prey By Blake Crouch and J.A. Konrath.

I have to say I have read a few by these two particular writers and they are absolutely FABULOUS both together and alone. I have read both as stand alone writers and also as a team and I like them both ways but when they team up I have to say it’s pure magic. Okay so anyway, Here goes Birds of prey is a part of a series really. This series started with a book called Serial, then they did Killers, Serial Killers Uncut and each of these characters have at some point made appearances or been the focus of other books they have written alone. As you can probably guess by the titles I just typed yes they are horror suspense books. This is the genre I usually enjoy the most and it’s also the genre i write in. okay so on to the book.

This particular book of theirs introduces you to characters I had already previously read But i also got to meet a couple I hadn’t heard of which is always a cool thing. it also gives you a back story on a couple of characters to let you know how and why they may have turned out to be the sadistic serial killers that they are. Not that they might not have turned out that way anyway but usually there is a reason for such sickness in a person. or so the shrinks say.. 🙂 One such character’s family was brutalized and also had their young daughter taken by two escaped convicts. A 5 year old Luther kite ( who by the way is one of my favorites) was seriously traumatized by this whole ordeal as was his whole family. They were just never the same after the incident. The book opens by introducing you to a young Orson and his twin brother Andy. orson expresses to his brother that he knows he is different then other kids. Andy asks how. After a bit of coaxing orson tells andy that he wishes some people would die though disturbed by this news Andy still loves and trusts his brother. This part of the book is interesting to me and I was so glad they opened with this. As it shows that some killers don’t end up killers because of a trauma in their life they just are killers. They have strong feelings about death and human life and have total disregard for both.

The next part focus’s on Little 5 year old Luther kite and the tragedy his family endures. not if you haven’t read the book I don’t want to spoil any of it for you so I won’t say what happens.

The next chapter focuses on two characters I had never had the pleasure of meeting before so it was a real treat to me as I truly enjoyed Both of these characters but I have to say Alex was my favorite of these wo. Okay so we are introduced to Alex Kork and her brother Charles. these are definitely some messed up siblings I got the jest in this part of the book that they did more then just hang out together as brother and sister. i was looking forward to hearing more about both after this particular chapter.

The next chapter deals with a character named Donaldson now I have read him before and though he is about a filthy a character as they come i do still enjoy him especially when paired with my favorite character from Blake is lucy. but in this particular part opt the book he is alone. I do enjoy hearing about his escapades but I much more enjoy him when he and Lucy are either teamed or trying to kill each other. What made this particular part interesting was that Donaldson is at this time in his life not only a murderer but he currently holds a job as a courier. Which benefits his hobby really. He is carrying a package for a gentleman who has set up a meeting in the middle of no where now to normal people this would be setting off bells but Donaldson is not your normal person. He also isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Anyway the gentleman he is delivering the package to is also not your ordinary person and they both end up face to face with each other knifes. I always enjoy when two of the serial killers meet up. always makes for an interesting chapter. Again if you haven’t read the boo i really don’t want to ruin it for you.

The book jumps back and forth between multiple characters. It isn’t confusing because the authors made it very easy to follow and started a different chapter between characters although i am sure if these two wanted to they could effortlessly switch characters without any confusion to their readers. we meet up with Luther Kite again while he is in college where he has a professor who he finds odd. Now if Luther Kite finds someone odd then ya know something is up.

We run into orson again only orson is the professor that luther found to be odd. Small world huh? they find they have an awful lot in common and so a friendship/ partnership starts.

next we meet up with Charles cork only alone without his delightful sister. He is in the middle of no where with a flat tire. No to normal people this wouldn’t be a problem only again Charles isn’t normal and so it does pose a problem since he has his latest victim in his trunk and troopers have a habit of stopping for stranded pedestrians. When a car approaches to offer him help he quickly is set on edge as the half dead prostitute in his trunk could be a problem. Charles is paranoid and feeling exposed. Charles cork learns that sometimes things and people are not as they seem and sometimes you are pleasantly surprised.

We are then greeted again by Charles Kork only this time with his sister and she is pissed that he is getting married. and only because she is against him getting married. Told you they have an odd sibling ship. Charles try’s to let off some steam by frying a hooker. Needless to say it doesn’t go so well for him.

Another new character to me is Javier. He is not one of my favorites as it seems he is just handy with a gun as opposed to some of our more creative serial killers in the series. Anyway he is carrying a package when he see’s a sign for a bullets, babes, guns and knife show. Being the gun lover he is he stops which brings us to a pow wow of serial killer sorts. We are introduced to another character I have never met Porter who is putting the gun and ammo show on. he needs to pay off a loan to a wise guy who helped him by giving him the money for the show. Also I am familiar with the next character introduced into the story as she is the infamous Jack Daniel’s one of konrath’s most prolific heroins. I have previously read her in a book called truck stop. Where she manages to get away and save a hooker from a newbie serial killer with a certain taste for feet. She meets up with Clay who is a gun seller at the show and also runs into tequila who also stars in konrath’s book shot of tequila. Also at the gun show is Mr. k who I was introduced to in the first Serial killers book Serial. He meets up with Donaldson and gives him the gift of murder. We also for a very brief moment in the book meet up with Lucy. (my favorite from this series) Luther Kite is also present at the show. His weapon of choice is usually a knife of some sort he has an affection for odd told of torture which makes him very interesting to the reader because you never know what he will be using on his next victim. Charles and Luther meet up again after their long ago meeting in the field in the middle of no where with some very hungry crows and a dead prostitute. He introduces Luther to his sex wild sister Alex who immediately takes a liking to Luther. Alex and Charles invite Luther to the gun range later. Even though Luther prefers knives he takes them up on their offer. Luther is taken with Alex right away. Meanwhile our seasoned cop jack Daniel’s and her new friend Clay along with her old friend Tequila head over to porters gun range for a bit. Luther runs into Javier where a potentially bad situation turns into a friendship of sorts after Javier learns Luther busted the nose of some guy giving him crap earlier.

Mr K isn’t at the show just for pleasure he needs to help collect on the debt Porter (Porter also own’s the shooting range that Jack and her friends where practicing at earlier.)owes the wise guy. In the midst of partly dismembering / circumcising Mr. porter he is met buy a whole group consisting of Charles, Alex his sister, Luther, Javier. They all want in on the action of assisting Mr. K with Porter. They set up a sort of game so that Mr. Porter is still alive for the wise guy to be able to pay him but he is still their moving, living, breathing target. This is a big scene in the book and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I am going to leave this part at that.

Our Cop Jack Daniel’s in the meantime had retired to a bar for a drink with her two friends. The bar was jam pack though due to the show. They decide they are going to just find a liquor store and share a shot. They hear gunshots when they are getting ready to leave coming from Porters shooting range. Needless to say things start to get a bit busy here as the three good guys go to check out the commotion at the shooting range. The group of serial Killers are still having fun with Mr. Porter. Jack and her two friends break up their fun and everyone takes off running. Charles and Alex together. Luther and Javier flee to the packed bar Jack and her two friends were just at. and Mr K by himself. With no one caught and the local police on the scene Jack Takes off to the quietness of her home and her boyfriend who she had been contemplating cheating on with Clay. Then the story jumps to the hooker who had gotten away from Charles Kork. She was now a drug addict and living on the streets pretty much. She had managed to stay away from hooking and became a purse snatcher. she was in need of a fix and had gotten some news of one that a hooker she knew told her about. This turned out to be a bad night for Moni the ex hooker as Luther kite ends up in the same alley as she. needless to say she was no longer the one that got away.

The story then picks up with Luther again but it doesn’t introduce him as Luther in the beginning of this chapter it speaks of a Doctor Carmichael. If you have read luther before then trust me after a page or so you start to realize that this doctor is not really a doctor at all. Alex Kork is in an institution and Luther is going to see her. Now some time has passed as some stuff has happened to alex. It was unclear to me exactly how she ended up in the asylum but the authors do drop little clues. Through out this chapter. Earlier you heard me say that Alex and Luther where taken with each other well this chapter proves it and a steamy sex scene insures right in front of a two way mirror with a asylum worker on the other side very happily watching. This is where the book sort of wraps up. After their very hot sexual encounter Luther offers to assist in Alex’s escape from the asylum. Alex and Luther strike up a sort of deal to become partners but Alex warns Luther that the cop who put her in the asylum and hurt her Is her prey and he is not to touch him. With Luther’s exit the book ends. I know sad right? Well I was sad until I learned the two authors would be doing a book called stirred. Yey for me and when I have finished it I will be sure to post my review on that.

Until next time.



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