Review for stirred by Blake Crouch and J.a. Konrath

Okay so here we are again with what has to be my favorite writing duo. Blake and J.A. are both wickedly inventive and most certainly it’s an understatement to call them talented. I have read j. a alone but yet have to read any of Crouch’s stuff yet but trust me I plan to I have finished stirred and now am moving onto reading thicker then blood which is a compilation of three of his books together and I am excited seriously can’t wait to read it. These two seriously have a fan for life in this writer.

Okay anyhow on to my review of stirred I am not going to go through the whole book as I have in my past reviews I am just going to do some highlights and tell you my thoughts. These two can do no wrong in my eyes They are fabulous together and I seriously hope this isn’t their last book they write together. That would be such a shame. Okay with that said Stirred is a crazy emotion filled and funny roller coaster ride. The reader follows J.A. Konrath’s most infamous Heroin through not only her tribulations in this book but also through her life and her pregnancy. She is playing a cat and mouse game with one of the most horrific yet brilliant serial killers I have ever had the pleasure to read. Luther Kite from Blake crouch’s book’s Is one of my favorite villains There is something about him that just makes this reader want to read more and more of him. Also it brings back another of my favorite villains. Lucy, though she is now disfigured and in constant pain she is still pure evil on legs. She and her now partner Donaldson (who she teamed up with in serial killers uncut) have managed to escape from a prison hospital. They are not the stealthy cunning serial killers they use to be which makes them even more endearing to the reader. They blunder through thier escape and through much of the book also but it’s a mixture of feelings for this reader. they both were once so dominant and wicked you loved to hate them. Yet now they are in constant pain and their antics are almost comical. They have gained something also. They both use to love to work alone and the thought of working as a team once revolted them. As a matter of fact they have each tried to kill each other. Through they’re a great team and I honestly do not miss them as a separate entity in these books they work well together and through out the books I have read them in they have gained humanity and become not soft I guess but they now have compassion. Only for each other as they know what the other has had to endure but still it does it appeals to the reader and makes them real to them. (or to me it did.)

Okay one to the main bulk of the book Luther Kite (from Dessert Places) is playing games with Jack Daniel’s (from Shaken, Whiskey sour and more) It’s hard to know who to cheer for in this book. One minute your loving the Heroin yet the next the villain is oh so bad it makes you want to just help him get out of a tough spot if he happens to get into one. Hard to know exactly where this book will end. The writer’s throw you a bunch of twists and turns through out the whole book one minute you think Jack is off the hook and the next Luther is reeling her right back in. Once he has her right where he wants her is when it starts to get super interesting. He puts her through what I would call a serial killers fun house. 🙂 Its fun to read and it left me trying to figure out what position she would be put into next. Jacks strong will is what will make her prevail though. Not that anyone wants to see Jack come to an end. (I know I don’t but that isn’t up to me.) Her disregard for not only herself but her very pregnant self alarmed me a bit but it also opens the readers eyes to the feelings some mothers do go through. Not every mother instantly bonds with the child growing in her belly. sometimes it happens when the baby arrives and some it sadly doesn’t happen with at all. 😦 yep heartbreaking huh? But none the less a fact of life sometimes. She had an unshaken will to save not only her love but her ex partner and now partner. Which I think just makes her even more appealing to the reader. She was put to the test in almost ever turn she took but she does not disappoint in the least. I wouldn’t say she was fearless but she had a bigger set then some of the Villains in other books I have read. 🙂

The end of this book was a serious surprise to me but I was surely not disappointed at all. The authors decided on a big twist in this book and well I can’t say or it would be a huge spoiler to other readers or fans of thiers. I will tell you though you won’t be disappointed not in the least. These two together is like Magic.

If you haven’t already I would suggest you read not only this one but all the others that Blake Crouch and J.A. Konrath have written not only together but also alone.

That’s it for now.

Until next time TTFN



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