My Review of Locked Doors by Blake Crouch

Hey all. So here I am again. I have finished with Locked Doors the second part of the Thicker then blood book. I have to say another amazing book. Blake really knows how to keep his readers coming back.

I have to say that this book started off a bit slower then the first book Dessert Places. But i can see why. He had to tell us what Andrew Z had been up to. How he was able to avoid being captured by police or FBI. you get introduced to not only Andrew Z again but all the other key people in this story also. There are two new additions to this book. A mousey book store clerk who is a big Andrew Z fan named Horace. He recognizes Andy as soon as he spots him in the bookstore he works at. Also we are introduced to Vicki King who is a Police officer in North Carolina. she quickly gets pulled into the story as our villain Luther is introduced back into our story. As we knew he would need be since he is now a key player in these books since Andy’s brother Orson is gone.

Once this book gets moving then wow I will tell you what It is another non stop thrill ride. Andrew plays a very compassionate role in this book which varies from the last book where he was a victim along for the ride. Bending at his brothers will. He takes on a more of a take charge role in this book which I really liked. Once he realizes that Luther Kite is back he leaves his solitude and security of hiding to go find Luther who has abducted his dead best friends wife Beth.

Also in this book we get to meet Luther’s parents and I gotta tell you they are a terrifying duo. Now had I read these books first I would think Luther and his parents where just plain old psycopaths. I would think well no wonder Luther is how he is look what he grew up in. He didn’t have a chance. These people are twisted and as sick as they come which again makes them as appealing to the reader as their son. Also though you find your self separating the bunch. (or at least i did) I wanted Luther to live so I could continue to read him but his parents I wanted them to meet their demise. Weird huh?

Luther takes andrew on an elaborately planned journey through the recesses of hell. As always in these books there are clear villains and clear heroes. Andrew needed Vicki to see him as a villain yet he wanted her to know that he was not the monster that she believed he was. He has an inner struggle but in the end he tells her about what Orson did to him and made him do in the dessert. This only proves to make the reader like Andy better. (again at least this reader did) It’s not until later in the book that Vicki learns what Andrew told her was true.

This books ending is phenomenal! I truly loved it. Its action packed with lots of twist’s and turns. It keeps you guessing as to will he live will she make it out of there. and thinking damn I wasn’t expecting that.. LOL Blake Crouch knows how to deliver a good ending and this book was certainly no different. I don’t want to ruin the ending so as always I won’t tell you anything of it. You are just going to have to read the book. Trust me you won’t regret it.

This book like Dessert Places also has and alternate ending. I am currently reading it. I will post and update about the alternate ending when I am done with it. Then I will be on to the next part of the book.

UPDATE: I just finished the alternate ending to Locked Doors. While it was good I truly enjoyed the published ending more. The only thing I will say about this is again it ends the book in a way that Andrew Z’s story can not be continued like it is in Break You which I will be reading next. But also for this reader it offered me an ending with Luther that seemed very unbelievable to me. Also parts of it made Luther out to be this meek and meager small man following around on the coat tails of his father. Also he ends up in the very end of the alternate ending as a pastor and preaching to a congrigation. I just much rather Luther be who is instead of trying to hide it behind the doors of a church. Now with that said. I am still a huge fan of Blake Crouch and the alternate ending as well as the whole book thus far is brilliantly written.

As always thanks for taking the time to read my reviews. I know as a writer I always enjoy knowing people are really reading me.

Until next time.


Crissy 🙂


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