Review for Break You by Blake Crouch.

Okay so this was the last book in the three book series of Thicker then Blood. Break you was short. to short I thought because i finished it within an hour and a half. Still very well written I just wanted more though.

In this book we catch up with Andrew Z Thomas and Vicki again this time they are sharing andy’s cottage in the Yukon. Like their own little makeshift family. They Start to grow feelings for each other. Just when both of them decide to do something about those feelings. The baby goes missing from the upper loft in Andy’s cabin. Now we can all guess who is behind that. Right Luther.

The middle of the book consists of a lot of torture and game playing on Luther’s part with Andy and Vicki. Only andy manages to gain the upper hand and luther is the one being played with.

The end or the epilog of this book leads the reader to believe that one of the men is still murdering and torturing victims and that the other has become his captive. Now if you have read stirred then you know whats going on with that.

I recommend you start with the dessert places book and then work through blakes first three Andrew Z Thomas books and then read stirred trust me stirred is a wonderful amazing book written by two very interesting authors. they are both fabulous alone and together.

Well that’s it for this book of Blake crouches. I have yet to decide what I will be reading next I got 3 books of scott Nicholas’s that I have yet to read and a new book of blames I have yet to read. Oh who am I kidding I have a book addiction. LOL

I hope you have enjoyed this review even though short. Sorry Just don’t want to ruin the last book for you or the end of it. I feel i told you too much already.

Until next time.




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