My Review for Trapped by J. A. Konrath

Okay so here I am again. I read Trapped by JA Konrath. An amazing piece of writing for sure. Konrath has an amazing ability to put people in immediate danger and leaves the reader staring with their mouth agape.

While I am not a big fan of the canabals story’s. BUT>>> Again konrath has this amazing ability to just grab the reader and not let go until the very end. I myself have written books and story’s where there are canibal’s though. So not that there is anything wrong with it at all It’s just I guess he was very graphic and I found myself actually cringing at some parts and that is not easy to do with me as I have a very strong stomach and nerve for these things. for me though even though I knew what was going to happen I couldn’t bring myself to stop reading or skip over that part I had to read on. I had to know every little detail.

Anyway this book is filled with twists and turns and you find your self feeling as if you are running through the woods with this victim or villain either wanting or feeling the need to live to go on or to kill.

It’s an amazing feeling when a book just simply carry’s you along with it as if you were one with the book. It’s probably why I am such a huge fan of Crouch and Konrath they both have this ability. As do others I read.

The premiss for this book is a group of eight are on a camping trip. There is diversity in the characters. They all come from different walks of life. They all end up stranded on this island which is inhabited by a bunch of canabal’s and an evil doctor ( who truly could be a modern-day Frankenstein.) and his little band of experiments. they are all the same in one way. That they enjoy torture and murder. Yet they are all very different in likes and needs and physical.

The dynamics between the doctor and his murders is unique as is the dynamics between the group trying to survive.

This book also has a first draft included in it along with an excerpt from a couple of other Konrath books. One was Endurance which I have read and would truly recommend to anyone. It’s an amazing book. and also from one I haven’t read afraid. but I do plan on reading. the excerpt left me wanting more. I have started reading the first draft of Trapped a lot of the beginning is the same as in the published book but konrath promises there are areas it is different more intense and so again here I am reading on over parts I have already read because I can’t wait to see what has been changed what is more dark or extreme in it. Also he said there is a different sub plot and ending and so I am interested to read that.


Okay so I finished the first draft of Trapped yesterday I have to say I enjoyed the first draft more There was probably one part I liked better in the published version. (don’t get me wrong I enjoyed them both) I however did enjoy the first draft version more. I did a lot of rereading of stuff i had already read having read the published version first. But it was very worth it. The reasoning for one of our heroins being so afraid of the dark became more evident to me. In the published version it was very mild and you could see why she was afraid of the dark but nothing else really. But in the first draft Konrath delved into a darker more understandable version (at least for this reader.) the villains for the most part were the same except one. Towards the end one of our villains who comes face to face with the main heroin is indeed one from her past one that has tormented her day and night. I enjoyed that and it really ramped up the emotions in the book. Also the end of the first draft was great and it even left it open for one of our villains to return which I would have enjoyed. He was one of those villains you love to hate. So all in all I enjoyed the both except I preferred the first draft to the published version.

None the less I still highly recommend this book although I will tell you DON’T eat while reading this. LOL

That’s it for now.

Till next time.




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