Review for Catching Fire by suzanne Collins (spoiler alert if you have not read.)

I had heard in other reviews this one was also good but not as good as the first. I do not agree. This book made us more aware of the characters and their lives and what happened to them after the hunger games.
It takes the leader of the capitol no time at all to let Katniss know that she made a big mistake with the berries and openly deifying the capitol.She wanted to keep both herself and peta alive and was truly not viewing the berry incident as a blatant disregard for rules. As is the case with Katniss quite a bit. She does not always mean to be defiant or to cause waves, she only does so by doing what she thinks is the right thing to do. She has a difficult time expressing herself and also her feelings for others. That includes Peta and Gale who now there seems to be a bit of a love triangle between the three with Katniss in the middle. I would have to say though In this book it starts to become clear to me that katniss either is unaware of her true feelings for Peta or is just ignoring them as she said or thought a few times in this and the first book she wasn’t ready to think of her feelings for him. Gale on the other hand it also starts to become clear to me that the hope of a relationship there is based on her not wanting to loose what they had before the games. They had a set routine and they were comfortable enough with each other but i didn’t get the sense of love from either of them until peta showed up with his declaration of love for Katniss.
The build up to the big surprise in catching fire was great. They spoke of the quarter Quell and as a reader I knew it was going to be a big deal in this book but even I gasped when they said they were using tributes from the past. It makes you think like one of the characters in the book.
How dare they. They send some older and even with bad health back into this ring. It wasn’t right. None the less it was what the capitol and the president wanted. If you didn’t already hate the president then you did by this time because you just knew he was behind it and it was revenge for Katniss and her rebelion. Her reaction to this new only fuels your anger at the capitol as a reader. These people have already survived the unthinkable. Peta, I was impressed by he was surly not the leader in the first games as far as him and katniss went but he seriously pulled her and Hymitch together by the time the names were to be drawn. I knew Peta would step in as tribute for hymitch. I knew this games would be very different from the the first Peta and Katniss endured. But i had no idea. I was not prepared for the twists and turns at the end of this book.
I am truly not trying to spoil it in case anyone who reads this has not read this book. The ending totally flabbergasted me and left me with my mouth hanging open and so before i even finished this book again I went and purchased the third.
I highly recommend this book also. If you read the first one then you know what I know that you can’t get off this ride until it is finished.


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