Review for Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins (spoiler alert if you have not read the book)

I was not expecting to enjoy this book. As it isn’t my usual reading material.
BOY was I WRONG!!. I was hooked on this book from the very first page. I seriously couldn’t put it down.
My husband actually made a comment about me enjoying the book more then I wanted to spend time with him.. LOL.
Katniss is a spectacular heroin. Her age makes her endearing to both young and old. Her inner struggles are complex and Suzanne Collins does a wonderful job of making Katniss real and so deep.
It becomes evident that this new world is so far from perfect right from the get go and that Katniss and all the people in her district along with other districts are in some serious turmoil. The addition of her best friend gale really lets you see what kind of person Katniss is. Also you can see her complete and utter distain for the people in charge and their rules. Her’s is not as bad as gales though i might say. Her love for her little sister made me like her even more then I already did.
She makes the ultimate sacrifice buy taking her place in the hunger games. Though it wasn’t surprising to me as I came to realize that she would do anything and had done anything to help and keep her sister happy and healthy.
The descriptions in this book are fabulous like that of the costumes the people and the capitol itself. Collins did a fabulous job bringing every person place and even food just pop and come to life.
The dynamics between Peta and Katniss come to light as soon as they are on the train to the capitol for the games. She knows better then to trust him but also knows nothing of his undying love for her.
The whole dynamic of the games the love all of it fascinated me and pulled me in immediately.
She struggles with her feelings for peta as he struggles with her mistrust of him. When they finally begin to work together is when you start to see the true dynamics of their story start to come together. Katniss’s defiance and complete will to not only keep herself alive for her sister but also her determination to keep Peta alive makes her lovable to the reader. She has rough edges but she is also soft and lovable if you can embrace that side of her.
I highly recommend this book to anyone. I quickly purchased the second book before ever even finishing this book.


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