Review for IT by Stephen King.

Okay so since I was here last I finished IT.. It goes without saying that Mr. King is the master of all things literary. I have been a fan of his since my teenage years. I have read almost every book of his and own a few first editions even.
I have to say IT was no different. His usage of time and the switching between childhood and adulthood were effortless. He makes something totally unbelievable Completely believable. But then he is the king. It quickly soared up to the top of my favorites of Mr. Kings books. The battle from then and present mixed so well. It was almost hard to believe the similarity’s in the two but then you have to remember these are the same people battling this same evil force.
The ending with Big Bill and his wife made it sweet and beautiful. All the people left alive got a new start with the comfort they will never have to worry about all of this evil again.
All in all I guess IT was an amazing adventure I truly enjoyed.
Mr. Kings ability to make you a believer with just his words are truly incredible.
I could go on and on but alas I have other reviews to get to as I have read a lot since I last left you all.

I highly recommend this book as i do all of Stephen Kings books that is if you are a fan of the genre he writes.


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