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My former self

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If there is one thing I could go back and do over
I would have to say from age 14 to 17.
Boy did I royally screw up.
Thought I knew it all.

Wow, was I wrong.
You could of fit what I new then
into the palm of my hand.
Crazy how as we get older we see how stupid we were.

I hurt not only myself,
I hurt all those closest to me.
Destroyed someone I love deeply
Spent years trying to repair what I ruined.

You never truly get back to that place though.
Once you let words slip out,
You can’t take it back.
The wound will always be there.

You carry it around as a reminder
To never make that same mistake again.
The people you hurt carry around what you said
A wound that never really truly heals.

So if I could tell my former self
Or leave a note for future teenagers
I guess it would be that:
I know you think you know it all.

I know you think you know what is best for you.
I know you hurt, I know your soul bleeds to be free.
We as adults do hear you
We see you

You are not alone.
We will be there to understand,
We will be there to help you back up when you fall.
You will be okay.


A snippet of my book Crimson Intent by Crista Lynn

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I awake slowly, in one hell of a daze. I try to clear the haze from my eyes, focus in on where I am.
Horror strikes me at once, as I am met by a gruesome sight. I close my eyes thinking this is just another of my nightmares. Alas when I open my eyes the horrific sight remains. My body wretches against the sight.
I immediately think what the hell have I done? Blood, the blood is every where. Questions race through my mind. Where am I? who’s blood is this? I look down at myself, both horror and relief grips me as I realized the blood isn’t mine. Yet I am drenched in crimson fluid. I will myself to get up. I try to steady my legs as I pull myself up. I realize I am in a meat packing company that’s not far from my flat. How did I get here? NO! I tell myself, focus. Dammit I must know who’s blood this is and worse yet, why am I covered in it? Oh god I whisper to myself as I see the carnage that has taken over the Slaughter house. My legs grow weak again. My stomach churns. The bile rises in my throat. A scream bubbles up yet no noise comes out.
There are body parts strewn all over the slaughter house. Sightless eyes of a detached head head stare back at me. This person I do not recognize. How the hell did I get here? I ask myself again. How did he get here? Most importantly,
What did I do to him?

Review on Rusty Nail by J.A. Knorath (spoiler alert)

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I finished J.A. Konrath,s Rusty Nail in my absence also.
J.A Knorath is amazing he has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I found him about 2 years ago and have been hooked since. Of course I started with his collaboration with Blake Crouch named serial. I had yet to be introduced to Jack (Jacqueline) Daniels one of his most beloved characters. Since discovering Mr. Konrath’s Jack Daniels series I have also become hooked on them. I must admit though I have not read them in order I have jumped about a bit. Not to worry with the kind of writer that Konrath is you don’t really have to read this series in order he fills you with a back story in almost all the books I have read. It’s one of the things I actually enjoy about him.
So in this book we are introduced to a mystery serial killer who in some way is connected to the late Charles cork. Now like many of the killers Jack comes across Charles cork is a twisted, demented SOB. The copy cat killer has a bit of a bone to pick with Jack herself though so as you can imagine this book starts to heat up real quick. Victims start piling up and targets are being targeted. People close to Jack are on edge. All the while that this case is going on. Jack is dealing with relationship issues and her ailing mother who is still in comma.
So if you decide to pick up this book (which I highly suggest) buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a wild ride.
As always thank you for taking the time to read my reviews.
I enjoy reading as much as I love writing and talking about the books I read.
I think my next review will be on Afraid by J.A. Konrath and Jack Killborn.
See you when I finish it. Till then happy reading

Review for the drive home by Mu-Shaka Benson

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I stumbled upon Mr. Benson by accident I was sitting on my front porch this summer and my mailman came up and he asked if I was using the newest kindle reader. I told him yes he then gave me the name of a book to read. I said I would check it out. He said thank you as he wrote the book and self published. Being a self publisher myself I gave him my author name on amazon and also the name of my books.
Any-who once I found the books have to say I was very impressed.
Mr. Benson has that unique way of sucking the reader in on the first page. While this is more of a ghost story I still truly enjoyed it.
The short story is full of ups and downs. Twists and turns. Also I found myself relating to the ghost. I felt her need for revenge. Her sorrow, her hunger to feel something other then rage. At the same time I felt bad for her victims but there’s a flip side to that. I also felt anger at them for what they had let happened to the ghost.
All and all a very good read. Mr. Benson left me wanting more.
I recommend you check him out. You won’t be sorry.
Thanks for taking the time to read my reviews.
I am sure you will be hearing from me again soon as I did get to read a lot while I was away.

My review for Pain of Others by Blake Crouch

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This is another book I read while I was away from the Internet.
The pain of others is another of Mr. Crouch’s short stories. This like the other I reviewed today is also so worth the time and money spent.
We are introduced to a new character in Letty Dobesh. She is a thief and quite literally stumbles into a mess she never bargained for.
Letty then finds herself racing against time and a hired hit man to help save the life of a woman she has never met.
I highly suggest you read this short story. I myself would like to see more of Letty.
This book like many of Mr. Crouches there are excerpts from some of his other books.
Okay so this is the last for today. Thanks for taking the time to read.
Be back soon with another review.

Review for With A Twist by J.A. Knorath

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This particular book by J.A. Konrath is a short story but still follows one of his most beloved heroines. Jack Daniels.
What made this short story stand out to me is that Mr. Konrath wastes no time pulling his readers into this puzzler of a story.
The basis is that Lt. Daniels and her partner herb have come to the scene of an apparent suicide?murder? The victim apparently took a fall from great heights but he is face down in his living room.
The scene is consistent with a fall from great heights except for the fact that the victim is in his own living room. Begging the question did he commit suicide and have help or was he murdered and was the scene in the house staged?

I highly recommend this book to anyone even if you are not an avid Konrath reader.
Will be back soon with another book I have read while I have been away.

Reviews for Blake crouches pines

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I have been busy in my absence. I do apologize for the long absence but as we all know life does have a habit of happening.
The latest book I read was a short story from Blake Crouch titled pines.
Though it is short Mr. Crouch most certainly does pack this story full of twist and turns.
It is action filled and as most of Mr. Crouch’s books suspenseful. Instead of just one villain there seems to be whole town full of them. Which makes for some very interesting screen rips for the main character.
I definitely suggest this and all of the short stories Mr. Crouch has recently come out with.
Till next time

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