Review for With A Twist by J.A. Knorath

This particular book by J.A. Konrath is a short story but still follows one of his most beloved heroines. Jack Daniels.
What made this short story stand out to me is that Mr. Konrath wastes no time pulling his readers into this puzzler of a story.
The basis is that Lt. Daniels and her partner herb have come to the scene of an apparent suicide?murder? The victim apparently took a fall from great heights but he is face down in his living room.
The scene is consistent with a fall from great heights except for the fact that the victim is in his own living room. Begging the question did he commit suicide and have help or was he murdered and was the scene in the house staged?

I highly recommend this book to anyone even if you are not an avid Konrath reader.
Will be back soon with another book I have read while I have been away.


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