Review for the drive home by Mu-Shaka Benson

I stumbled upon Mr. Benson by accident I was sitting on my front porch this summer and my mailman came up and he asked if I was using the newest kindle reader. I told him yes he then gave me the name of a book to read. I said I would check it out. He said thank you as he wrote the book and self published. Being a self publisher myself I gave him my author name on amazon and also the name of my books.
Any-who once I found the books have to say I was very impressed.
Mr. Benson has that unique way of sucking the reader in on the first page. While this is more of a ghost story I still truly enjoyed it.
The short story is full of ups and downs. Twists and turns. Also I found myself relating to the ghost. I felt her need for revenge. Her sorrow, her hunger to feel something other then rage. At the same time I felt bad for her victims but there’s a flip side to that. I also felt anger at them for what they had let happened to the ghost.
All and all a very good read. Mr. Benson left me wanting more.
I recommend you check him out. You won’t be sorry.
Thanks for taking the time to read my reviews.
I am sure you will be hearing from me again soon as I did get to read a lot while I was away.


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