My former self

If there is one thing I could go back and do over
I would have to say from age 14 to 17.
Boy did I royally screw up.
Thought I knew it all.

Wow, was I wrong.
You could of fit what I new then
into the palm of my hand.
Crazy how as we get older we see how stupid we were.

I hurt not only myself,
I hurt all those closest to me.
Destroyed someone I love deeply
Spent years trying to repair what I ruined.

You never truly get back to that place though.
Once you let words slip out,
You can’t take it back.
The wound will always be there.

You carry it around as a reminder
To never make that same mistake again.
The people you hurt carry around what you said
A wound that never really truly heals.

So if I could tell my former self
Or leave a note for future teenagers
I guess it would be that:
I know you think you know it all.

I know you think you know what is best for you.
I know you hurt, I know your soul bleeds to be free.
We as adults do hear you
We see you

You are not alone.
We will be there to understand,
We will be there to help you back up when you fall.
You will be okay.


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