Review on Cherry Bomb by J.A. Konrath ( spoiler alert

I finished Cherry bomb las night and I actually did a review but somehow it was deleted 😦 .

In Fuzzy navel which I actually finished @ 10:30 on Wednesday night Konrath left us with one of jacks loved ones dead. I couldn’t believe it I was like no way you can’t leave me hanging like that. I immediately purchased cherry bomb. I am so glad I did too. It was worth ever penny.
This book was thrillingly entertaining.
I cried. I laughed. I was shocked and surprised.

Alex Kork is back in this book and as bad as ever. Alex gets 50% of this book which I actually loved. Alex pushes jack to her limits in this book. She has Jack questioning everything.

As Alex gets her 50% of the so does Jack get the other 50%.
Jack questions her sanity at points in this book. She even has turmoil with some of the very people she has tried so hard to protect.
Will good win out against bad? I wasn’t sure throughout a good part of this book.
Alex is definitely on her game in this book.

Jack stumbles aand does fall in this book which really surprised me yet at the same time it impressed me also.
In these books you see or view Jack as this hard ass tough as nails cop.
In this one though Konrath really let’s all Jacks softer sides be seen.
This book is funny yet terrifying.
I found my self laughing at times, on the edge of my seat at times, crying and terrified at times.
You really do feel like you are on roller coaster ride.
One of the best Jack Daniels books in the series.

I will be reviewing shaken next I know your probably thinking I skipped one but I assure you I haven’t. As I had stated before I didn’t start off reading this series in order I had read stirred after reading birds of prey by J.A. Konrath and Blake Crouch. The review for it is in my list of reviews.
Till next time keep reading.


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